The herb farm is a family owned and operated business through and through. This can be seen in the old fashioned family values and a commitment to natural which is at the heart of the business and the Kirkland/Cowan's lives.

Lynn and Bill Kirkland brought up their family in rural Manawatu with the philosophy of doing things as naturally as possible, to give their children (Sarah & Craig) the best start in life. After Lynn completed a herbal diploma in 1990 she began to make natural remedies from the family home. The demand for her natural and effective products grew until in 1993 the herb farm was established, becoming the home to the herb farm's 100% natural skincare and healthcare products.

In 2006 Sarah joined Lynn as her business partner and took over the overall running of the business. Sarah has a passion for the herb farm's truly natural products, the destination and an infinity with the business values and philosophies and has taken the business from strength to strength.

Our family values flow onto our wonderful team and is seen in the supportive and caring culture at the herb farm.

Lynn's Story

Lynn was a qualified primary teacher before stopping teaching to have a family and to be at home with Sarah and Craig. Her passion for living naturally saw the family growing their own vegetables and having chickens and living as simply as possible. Her interest in natural healing was triggered when Craig suffered from recurrent coughs and colds and the Doctor said there was nothing else he could try. Lynn knew there must be alternatives and began exploring the different natural therapies. Herbs struck a chord and she was amazed how powerful they were. This led to the completion of a herbal diploma in 1990.

Lynn began to make natural products at home and sold them out of the hallway cupboard. The natural products proved to be very effective and the demand for them grew. Lynn had a vision for a place where people could come and experience the magic of herbs and her, and husband Bill, developed a business plan for the herb farm. From bare paddocks the herb farm began and opened it's doors in 1993.

Lynn's absolute passion and belief in the healing powers of nature and herbs has driven her through the years and the herb farm turned 22 years old in 2015!

From one person and a dream, the herb farm now has a team of 22 wonderful people working together to provide products and services which make a positive impact on the world.

Lynn now focuses on the development of new products and being a Nonna to Sarah and Adam's son, Taj and daughter Sia. Lynn and Bill recently subdivided and built a house across the paddocks from the herb farm. Lynn and the children love exploring the herb farm gardens, having 'babycino's' at the cafe and visiting Sarah in her office.

Sarah's Story

Sarah grew up with the herb farm and living naturally was a way of life. She loved being outdoors and with her animals - horses, calves, goats, dogs, cats...

If one of the animals was hurt or ill Sarah would treat them with herbal poultices and remedies - it was the natural choice!

After leaving school Sarah travelled overseas as an international model living in big cities such as Milan, London, Athens, Singapore and Tokyo. While travelling Sarah used the herb farm products for her skin, body and health care. After deciding to return home for good, Sarah completed her Bachelor of Business Studies, then the opportunity arose to join Lynn in the business. Sarah knew that there was no equal in the marketplace, and joined Lynn as her business partner in 2006.

Sarah is now Managing Director of the business and looks after the overall running of the herb farm and the growth and direction allowing Lynn to concentrate on her passion - developing fantastic new natural products!

Sarah has a son, Taj and daughter, Sia and she loves being a mum to these beautiful little souls. Lynn looks after the children while Sarah works in the business and both feel very lucky to be able to have such a great balance with family and work.

Sarah believes it is very important to be passionate about what you do and to make a positive difference in this world.