Albert Einstein once said “look deep into nature and we learn more about ourselves”.

Herbalist Lynn Kirkland did just that and in 1993 founded The Herb Farm. In doing so she became part of a quiet revolution made up of insightful individuals and companies who believe in the power of nature. People who understood the need to nurture nature, to better the health and future of our planet as well as humankind.

She wanted to give her customers and family the option to use wholly natural products - free of synthetics and chemical nasties. She began by formulating herbal remedies, then created natural skin care products with ingredients that came from the bounty of nature - brimming with all its active goodness.

From humble beginnings and steadfast beliefs, The Herb Farm has grown into a humming business that works in harmony with the environment. This harmony is an intrinsic part of our philosophy and is infused into the DNA of its family.

We grow many of our fresh herb ingredients in the tranquility of our gardens, finding just the right spot for them to thrive. Herbs are picked as we need them, or harvested on the day they are at their very best. Their fresh essence is imbued into each of Lynn’s formulations.

What we can’t grow we source from like-minded individuals who share our vision. These ingredients along with the magic of our garden, our care and love, are hand crafted on site into beautiful, natural, products that heal, revitalise and nurture.

Every item that leaves our home is infused with the spirit of us, our attitude and our place - a secret ingredient that makes all the difference.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

As we work, we learn, discover and grow our wisdom - it is our pleasure and joy to find things out. With knowledge comes an increasing awareness of how everything in our world is intricately connected - what we do today impacts on our future and that of future generations.

That’s why as people and as a company, we are committed to living natural lifestyles. One that sees us tread lightly on the Earth. We don't see this as an onerous challenge but simply a matter of making good choices that make sense.

As torch bearers in the field of natural well-being we share our knowledge and the wisdom that nature gives us. In doing so we enlighten and empower people we meet - gently changing their thinking and their actions. Together we have the ability to change the world. One positive step at a time!

We take pride in creating products that;


10 Nasties to Avoid Card

As part of our commitment to help people make positive healthy choices for their wellbeing we have produced the '10 Nasties To Avoid' card which is a fantastic guide to keep in your wallet as a quick reference when buying body and skincare products.

The card lists the ten most common 'nasty' ingredients in bodycare products, this is a great prompt when you are checking ingredients lists - information is very powerful and believe people have the right to make informed choices.

We would love to send you a '10 Nasties to Avoid' card - please email us with your address.

Find out more about toxins, why we need to avoid them and how to identify what is natural.