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Grace's Oil of Attitude

Beautiful 10 year old Grace Yeats contracted a rare brain illness last year which left her unable to walk or talk. Her story is heart-breaking but her courage, inner beauty and the love of her family have shone through.

Sarah and Lynn from the herb farm heard of Grace's story when buying wood for our new stands from Grace's Dad's business. We found out that Tracy (Grace's Mum) used an oil of ours on Grace in Starship Hospital and how much she enjoyed the massage.

It set us thinking about how we could do something special to help with the fundraising. Hearing Grace's story touched our hearts and made us think how blessed we are and how being grateful for the blessings in our lives is so important as you never know what is ahead.

We have formulated a beautiful body oil called 'Grace's Oil of Gratitude'. This is a body oil which we would like people to use to nourish their skin and as they massage it in think of all the blessings in their lives as well as the support they are giving Grace through the purchase of this oil. It is scented with jasmine, lavender and orange essential oils which have an enhancing effect on confidence, generosity of spirit and courage. It smells divine, feels gorgeous on your skin and the scent will linger through the day reminding you to keep being grateful.

Our wonderful suppliers have supported this oil by offering free of charge, or at a discount, the raw materials, packaging and posters. This has allowed us to maximise the amount of the oil purchase price that is going directly to the Grace Yeats Trust.

Grace's oil can be purchased on our website or locally in the Wairarapa region.

Read more about Grace's story.